Co-Chairs and Advisory Council

Healthy competition in any industry incents innovation, results, and accountability. We need those elements in our political system too. As a cross-partisan group of Americans across many industries, we are proud to be Co-Chairs and members of this Advisory Council to the Institute for Political Innovation.

Note: Organization affiliation provided for identification purposes only and does not indicate organization endorsement.



Mindy Finn

Citizen Data

Reid Hoffman

Greg Orman

Exemplar Holdings, LLC

Jojo Neumann


Austin Ramirez


John & Timi Sobrato


Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Rob Stein

Cross-partisan Strategist
Joined Jan. 2021

General Rob Spalding

Joined Jan. 2021

Kahlil Byrd

Invest America
Joined Jan. 2021

Anne-Marie Slaughter

New America
Joined Feb. 2021

Ray Benton

Joined Feb. 2021

Richard Levick

Joined Mar. 2021

John Pudner

Take Back Our Republic
Joined Apr. 2021

Ron Christie

Christie Strategies LLC
Joined Apr. 2021

Raj Kapoor

Climactic, Lyft
Joined JUN. 2021

Carolyn McClanahan

Life Planning Partners, Inc
Joined JUL. 2021