Fast Food FFV Mock Election

Fast Food Final-Five Mock Election

Burgers. Fried Fish. Nuggets. Tacos and Burritos. Cold Cuts… America.

Candidates from five parties enter, and only one leaves—but thanks to Final-Five Voting, the fast-food eligible public will get more choice, more voice and better results, i.e., ample condiments and innovative menus. Here’s how this critical election works:

  1. [COMPLETED] SINGLE, OPEN PRIMARY (Aug. 16-20): Click the button below to cast your single vote in the field of thirteen candidates, from Burger King to Long John Silver’s. (See primary results.)
  2. [COMPLETED]GENERAL ELECTION (Aug 23-27): Rank the “final five” in your order of preference. Our partners over at RankedVote will tabulate the results using instant runoffs and we’ll arrive at a winner with the most consensus.

Voting in this election has concluded.

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