Washington is broken. We say it all the time. But the truth is, Washington is working exactly how it is designed to work and delivering exactly the results it is designed to deliver, because it wasn’t designed to work for us— for the citizens, the voters, the public interest. What appears broken to us is humming right along for the industry itself, and it will not self-correct. To force a correction, we must revive the American tradition of political innovation. To change the results our system delivers, we must change the rules of the game. That’s the singular power and sole purpose of our innovation work, and the only legacy we care about.

Final-Five Voting


We propose replacing party primaries and plurality voting with a system that realigns the industry incentives, injects healthy competition, and ensures politicians are held accountable for delivering results. 

Zero-Based Rule Making


We propose replacing the bloated and outdated rules, practices, and norms of lawmaking with a model, modern approach designed from the ground up to foster cross-partisan problem solving.