Our Staff

Katherine Gehl

Founder & Chairman

Katherine M. Gehl is a business leader, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Corresponding with the release of her first book, “The Politics Industry,” co-authored with...

Sylvie Doppelt

Executive Director

Sylvie Doppelt serves as both a strategist and operative to optimize and accelerate IPI’s nationwide political innovation work. In partnership with Chair, Katherine Gehl,...

Sara Eskrich

Senior Advisor

Sara Eskrich serves as Senior Advisor to IPI and as the Executive Director of Democracy Found in Wisconsin. She advises on strategy and state...

Scott Kendall

Senior Advisor

Scott Kendall is an experienced litigator and appellate advocate who brings a depth of expertise as a strategic consultant. He is well known for...

Alyssa Larkin

Alyssa Larkin

Senior Manager

Alyssa Larkin serves as IPI’s Senior Manager, catalyzing action surrounding Politics Industry Theory through leadership engagement and fundraising. In her role, she advances IPI...