The Case for the Five in Final Five Voting
Katherine Gehl, Institute for Political Innovation
Electoral scholars and reformers have long theorized about which voting system elects “the best winner.” It is a highly technical and contentious debate in which there is little agreement. But perhaps asking “which voting system elects the best winner?” is asking the wrong question.
Final-Five Voting: Comparative Evidence on a Novel Election System
The Institute for Political Innovation (IPI) released a report on Final Five Voting by Dr. Benjamin Reilly (East West Center), Dr. David Lublin (American University), and Rachel Leven (IPI).
A disaggregated and comparative approach to analysing an innovative electoral model, paying particular attention to why five candidates should make it to the general election.
Consequences of Final-Five Voting for Communities of Color
Professor Andrea Benjamin, University of Oklahoma & Professor Barry C. Burden, University of Wisconsin-Madison
This report investigates the likely consequences of Final-Five Voting (FFV) for constituents, voters, political organizations, and candidates from underrepresented minority groups, which the authors refer to as communities of color.