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A 10-image pack of key charts and visuals associated with Politics Industry Theory.

Read and use the 2017 report that set the foundation for Politics Industry Theory.
Final-Five Election Maker

Test out how Final-Five Voting works at your next school election or family vacation. In partnership with RankedVote.


HARVARD MAGAZINE - Racial unrest, crumbling infrastructure, and a failing public education system are just a few of the many serious problems the United States government can’t seem to fix. Political gridlock, the cause, is so deep-set that some business leaders worry it will threaten the country’s economic growth.
BOSTON HERALD - Now more than ever, it feels like good public policy is an afterthought to political performance. A quick scan of the headlines shows partisan point-scoring has crowded out independent decision-making. My time in government gave me a front-row seat to this shift in how governing is done, and I know we can do better. We have to do better.

The first step to joining the movement is understanding how America’s political system really works. For that, please consider reading the new book from business leader and IPI founder, Katherine M. Gehl.

All royalties from the sale of this book are donated to IPI, courtesy Gehl and Porter.

The U.S. Constitution allows states to decide and change their rules for Congressional elections as they see fit. Depending on the state, Final-Five Voting can be passed either through ballot measures or state legislatures. See which method your state uses:

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