The 4 Myths of Politics

The 4 Myths of Politics

Myth #1: Washington is broken

Washington isn’t broken, it’s fixed. Congress is operating exactly how it’s designed to, the problem is that it wasn’t designed for us. It was designed by and for the political industrial complex.

Myth #2: Politicians are the problem

While it’s easy to point fingers at politicians, the truth is that Senators and Representatives are prisoners of a dysfunctional system. They have no choice but lockstep allegiance to their side, thanks to an outdated and toxic rule within the politics industry: the party primary.

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Myth #3: You have to pick red or blue

Final-Five Voting is the powerful combination of open, top-5 primaries and ranked choice voting in the general election

Myth #4: We can’t change the nature of politics

The Constitution delegates almost every aspect of Congressional elections to the states themselves, meaning states can decide and change their rules as they see fit. Alaska has already adopted Final-Four Voting.

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